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Charity Mafuba is currently working as a paralegal and keen to find work as a trainee in a firm, preferably with a banking practice.  She is also studying for the New York Bar.  Charity reflects on her experience of working from home through the pandemic.

The notion of working from home is something I had never envisaged I would do. The city buzz and the rush hour travelling on the tube and train have always been motivators for my highly ambitious spirit. Daydreaming

about my successful future, while glaring at other power-dressed and seemingly accomplished professionals with whom I had the privilege of sitting or standing near, for the duration of my commute.  Some of whom I had the privilege of being acquainted albeit briefly.

Then came the catastrophe that is COVID19 and its unimaginable upheaval, that would change the trajectory of life is we know it.  Indeed 2020, has been the year the earth stood still. Yes, the stillness that forced me to take a trip drown “reflection lane”. For me, this meant taking stock of my life and the goals I have been procrastinating about achieving. So the positives are, I have mastered the art of LinkedIn networking, growing my connection pool in the process. In addition, I have become better at balancing my studies for the New York Bar course with my other commitments. Preparation for the upcoming exams, which have been rescheduled more times than I can count. The goal is that I will excel and pass at first attempt, and that will be the first of many achievements towards establishing my legal career.

Working from home has enabled me to save the money, which I would normally use for my travel card, have more time in bed, (I am more of a night owl than an early bird) and not need to arrange packed lunches and sort out my wardrobe for the next day; although I must admit, the fashionista in me, does miss that part of my evening rituals.  

My current paralegal role is not particularly demanding, as it involves reviewing and subjectively grading confidential documents for a Public Inquiry on the Relativity database.

The major change has been attending online training sessions through Teams, which for all intents and purposes has been surprisingly efficient, such that I have a newfound respect for technology. I have now settled into a routine where I don’t have to worry about missing the bus and tube and so am in no hurry to get back on my beloved commute, despite missing the buzz, especially given the perils of the pandemic.

Ultimately, health is wealth and if I don’t have that, I will not be able to enjoy the fruits of the goals, I am relentlessly labouring for. We all have felt the reverberations of the pandemic, in some way shape or form. For those of us lucky to still be alive, hope floats and a new dawn is on the horizon.


September 2020